A Rule of Law Discussion by Young Lawyers studying in Qatar

Young Lawyers from:

Qatar University,

Hamad Bin Khalifa University


The Judges of the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (Other guests are also welcome)

Welcome and Official Opening:

Short Keynote Addresses:

H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Fettais Al-Marri, The Attorney General of Qatar

Rt Hon Lord Phillips, President of the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre

Senator George Mitchell, former Independent Chairman of the Northern Ireland Peace Talks and former US Special Envoy for Middle East Peace


Corruption damages everything it touches. That includes people, the environment, stability and progress. It is an issue for business, nations and the world as a whole. It undermines the rule of law, but the rule of law can help us tackle it.


Joint Chairs:

HE Dr Ali Bin Fettais Al Marri, The Attorney General of Qatar

Rt Hon Lord Phillips, President of Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre


Rt Hon Lord Justice Gross, Court of Appeal, England & Wales

Prof Robert McCorquodale, Director, British Institute of International and Comparative Law

HE Dr Mohammed Al-Monzif Al-Marzouqi, Former President of Tunisia

Hon Michael Mukasey, former US Attorney General

May de Silva, Chief Executive Officer, Anti-Corruption Commission of the Republic of Seychelles

Gopal Subramaniam, Justice, Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre


Conflict, crisis, discrimination and poverty are displacing entire peoples around the world, on a vast scale. The refugees of Myanmar and Syria are recent examples. But what of the huge numbers working away from their own country through economic necessity rather than choice? Some of the displacement is long term, and will affect generations.



Prof Sir Ross Cranston FBA, LSE 

Introductory Remarks:

Dana Khalid Al-Anzy, Georgetown University, Qatar; Youth Advocacy Program, “Education Above All”


Fahad Al Sulaiti, CEO of “Education Above All”

Lord Peter Goldsmith QC, former Attorney General of England and Wales

Mohammed Sarwar Khan, Federal Secretary, Law & Justice Commission, Pakistan

Sir Bruce Robertson, Justice, Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre

Prof Dr Meng Wan, Dean of Law School, Beijing Foreign Studies University


Doha is home to Bin Jelmood House, which seeks to play a role in the global abolition of human exploitation. Slavery is in the world’s history books, but it is also in today’s news. It is the same issue but in modern guise. Sometimes it is hidden and sometimes the world does not want to see what is there. It is a global issue, with equality and the rule of law at the heart of it.



Sir Robin Knowles CBE


Dr Mark Ellis, Executive Director, International Bar Association

Kazem Gharibadadi, Deputy Secretary General of the High Council for Human Rights, Islamic Republic of Iran

Rebecca Hilsenrath, CEO, UK Equality and Human Rights Commission

Shireen Irani, Founder, iProbono

HE Gerhard Jarosch, President of the International Association of Prosecutors, The Hague

Prof Jianbo Lou, Associate Professor, Peking University Law School

Sam Shoamenesh, Chef de Cabinet to the Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court

Yasmin Waljee, International Pro Bono Director, Hogan Lovells

Ben Yallop, Head of International, Judicial Office of England & Wales


UN SDG 16 specifically recognises the importance of strong and effective institutions. Strong and effective judicial institutions are at the heart of the rule of law. But there are examples where the contribution of judicial institutions is reduced by delay and by lack of effective access to justice. And then there is the potential for that contribution to be enhanced by technology.


In Attendance:

HE Masoud Al-Amri, President of the Supreme Judicial Council


Rt Hon Lord Thomas, former Lord Chief Justice of England & Wales


Judge Madiyar Balken, Supreme Court of Kazakhstan

Rt Hon Lord Michael Briggs, UK Supreme Court

Andrea Coomber, Director, JUSTICE

Hon Judge Gerald Lebovits, New York State Supreme Court

Hon Geoffrey Ma, Chief Justice of Hong Kong

Senator George Mitchell

Robert Neill QC, MP, Chairman of Justice Select Committee, UK Parliament

Chief Justice Raus Sharif, Chief Justice of Malaysia

Ms Karen Tse, Founder and CEO, International Bridges to Justice, Switzerland

Judge Xiaodong Wang, Deputy, Second Criminal Division, People’s Supreme Court of China

assisted by: Yang Zhao, Rapporteur, China/UK Judicial Expert Working Group on Commercial Law


The world’s financial systems affect everyone, but not everyone is included in or can participate in those systems. Displaced persons, those in poverty, those without legal identity, all may provide examples of those facing financial exclusion. Like micro-finance and micro-insurance, fintech offers important solutions, and in ways that will in turn affect the world’s financial systems more widely. But this is also at heart about equality and the rule of law.


Joint Chairs:

Yousef Al Jaidah, CEO, Qatar Financial Centre

Professor Sir William Blair, QMUL


Thomas Baxter, Former General Counsel, NY Federal Reserve; Of Counsel, Sullivan & Cromwell

James Freis, Chief Compliance Officer, Deutsche Boerse

Ross Leckow, Deputy General Counsel, IMF

Prof Spyros Maniatis, Director, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, QMUL

Dr Manuel Monteagudo, General Counsel, Central Bank of Peru

Dr Joanna Perkins, CEO, Financial Markets Law Committee, London

Peter Spires, General Counsel, Lloyd’s of London

Dean Shouwen Zhang, Dean, Peking University Law School

Friday, 10th November

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    H.E. Dr. Ali Bin Fettais Al-Marri, The Attorney General of Qatar

    Lord Phillips, President of the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre

Saturday, 11th November

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    A Rule of Law Discussion by Young Lawyers studying in Qatar

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Sunday, 12th November

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  • Closing Remarks

    Faisal Al-Sahouti, CEO, The Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre

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